Is working from home a scary prospect?

Of course it is!
A better question might be, is working from home scarier than going to work every day working for someone else?
Let’s analyze the “why” of working at home being scary… (Please stay with me till the end, it’ll be worth it!)
My number one concern when starting my business was the guarantee of a pay check every week.
Pretty rational, right?
I’m sure most people get stuck on this very same idea.
But when you think about what kind of guarantee you currently have with whatever
job you’re in, it really depends on other things outside your control.
Sure, a lot of your guarantee feels like it comes from knowing you will get up everyday , clock in and do the same work you always do.
But the rest comes from many variables. Your boss, your boss’s boss, how well your company is doing and if your position will even be needed in the near future ?.
Let me ask you this. Would you work for your boss for free? ?
I wouldn’t. My time is too valuable.
My boss doesn’t care about all the hard work I really do!
How much actual sweat I put in to every job, every day.
How sore I am at the end of a 60+ hour work week.
The only thing my boss is concerned with is 1, whether or not the job got done, and 2, making sure he hits his goals as a manager so he can keep his job.
?‍? We all work based on fear!
It’s a huge cycle. ? And at the end of that cycle, 50 years of my life will be gone, I’ll still not have made enough money to retire, my daughter will still have to pay her own way through college, and I will not have been able to travel and see all the places I promised my daughter we would travel to.
*Disney World
*Disney Cruise Line
*Hogwarts in England
*Travel & Retrain Myself
No thank you!!
I’ve decided to:
Invest more into myself than into a giant corporation.
Become my own boss, not answer to one
Make my own schedule, get out of bed when I want to ?
Plan multiple vacations in the summer, easter break & Christmas with my daughter when not in school.
Continue to find new ways to help others do the same
Give Back to my Community
Because my daughter is worth and most importantly, I know I’m worth it.
I chose to spend more time with people I love, not people who just count on me to make them money.
How did I do that? By finding a International Online Community of people just like me, that got sick of the “go to work everyday” lifestyle.
Together we motivate, encourage ?, train and set goals for ourselves.
I became a digital marketer, which allowed me the ability to create my very own business.
There is a tested and proven system in place that I just plugged in to.
The coaches and mentors that started before me have shown me exactly what they did to earn the success they have. (Literally step by step)
I still put in work every day, but it’s at home, or on the road, or heck, on my cell phone!
On my own terms. I can set up my laptop and pour a cup of coffee,
get my work done and the rest of the day is what I make it.
I enjoy working, I really do. But now that I am raising my daughter as a single dad I have learned that life isn’t about how much work I can do, it’s about what I make of my time and to spend more with Family & Friends.
By leveraging the tools that I now have at my disposal, I have lost that fear of working for myself.
**If you’re ready to learn what I’ve learned and get started today, here is a link to take you in the right direction:
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There you’ll find the answers to all your questions in a full video that shows how we all got started.
You can check out on your phone or computer. I think once you hear what others have accomplished and how logical the process is, you’ll be as anxious as I was to get started.
Create that amazing tomorrow by taking action today!
If you still have questions, feel free to reply to this post and I’ll be in touch with you directly.
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