Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day (But How Exactly?)

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What do you want?

What do you need to do to get what you want?

What are your strengths, your weaknesses? 

What is the next step you need to take?

Forget about vague concepts and loose opinions. What are the facts?

Most of us have plans, lots of plans. And we have ideas, lots of ideas. But we so rarely turn our ideas into our plans, thus creating our future, because little of what we think about progresses beyond concepts and opinions. Of course, we can never measure ourselves against concepts and opinions because they are too abstract to define. Thus, we can’t say whether we’re making progress or what we need to change. Define your goals, and define your plans to attain them. 

Nancy is a consultant who works with small businesses. Her job is to help small business owners develop a map for their future. She meets with her clients once a month to talk about where they are and where they are going. “Too many small business owners spend time dealing with one crisis after another rather than managing their business well. There’s no time for thought, no time for progress, just time to do what has to be done today.

“The toughest hurdle,” Nancy says, “is just getting started in setting concrete goals so that the business can serve the long-term needs of the owner rather than the owner spending all his or her time serving the short-term needs of the business.”

People who construct their goals in concrete terms are 50 percent more likely to feel confident they will attain their goals and 32 percent more likely to feel in control of their lives.

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