Success Stories: Creativity Comes from Within

Everyone wants to think of something new—solve a problem no one
else can solve, offer a valuable idea no else has conceived of. And every
business wants to encourage its employees to have the next great idea. 
So when a business offers its employees a bonus for creative ideas, a
flood of great, original thoughts should come pouring in. Right? 
We think that creativity, like any other task, can be bought and sold. But
creativity is not the same as hard work and effort; it requires genuine inspiration.It is the product of a mind thoroughly intrigued by a question, a
situation, a possibility. 

Thus, creativity comes not in exchange for money or rewards but when
we focus our attention on something because we want to. Japan Railways East had the contract to build a bullet train between Tokyo and Nagano to be put in place in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately,
tunnels built by the company through the mountains kept filling with
water. The company brought in a team of engineers, who were highly
appreciated by superiors. 

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