Setting Goals VS Not Setting Goals

Many people want to change their life, but afraid to try something new and not setting goals. If you want to become a successful and a powerful business owner with a profitable business that can give you everything that you want, then it’s time for you to start with yourself. Some entrepreneurs failed even though they have a good business plan because they are not ready for different kinds of challenge. As a result, they give up easily and don’t reach the top.

Here are the difference between setting goals and not setting goals.


  • Many of us want to have a better life. In order to create the future that we want, we need to work hard and become progressive. Once you start setting goals for your business, you will become motivated and be more careful when it comes to making decisions, as well as taking actions.


  • Setting goals can help you become more positive about everything. You need to keep in mind that in order to become successful, you need to create a plan. There’s no guarantee that a simple plan will work, but if you have a strong foundation with goals, then you have already taken the first step of creating the life that you want.


  • As you will notice, many successful entrepreneurs started from the ground before they reach the top. Believe it or not, those influential people set small goals for bigger goals. Setting goals are like teaching yourself on how to stay on track even if you have bad days.


  • People who forget to set their goals tend to become failures because they don’t know what path to take. Those entrepreneurs with goals, they work to survive the daily life. The only difference is the effort. People are different from one another, therefore not everyone become successful in life.


  • Not setting goals is a disadvantage, especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. If you want to have a better life and become a successful business owner, then you need to know what to do with any kind of situation. What if your first attempt doesn’t work? What if your second attempt works and your business make a good amount of money, do you know what the next step is? If you have goals, you will know when is the right time to expand or add new products and services.

Now that you know the difference between having and not having goals, it’s time for you to know the importance of setting goals.

Here are the reasons why you need to set goals to become successful in life.


  • You can take control of your life.

Many people work hard and contented with their current jobs, even though they don’t get what they want in life.  They don’t have direction and also don’t know what to do. Some people become successful because they know what they want to achieve. As a result, they know where they want to go. You need to remember that setting goals can help you take control of your life rather than letting someone tell you everything that you need to do.


  • Setting goals can give you maximum results.

When you set goals not just for your life, but also for your business, you will create a vision. Goals can help you push yourself in order to get maximum results from your efforts. You will make sure that your hard work pays off. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve in six months? How about in one year, three years or even five years from now?


  • You will learn how to stay focused.

Once you become a business owner, it’s necessary for you to stay focused all the time. One of the keys for that is setting goals. It will give you direction, you will know the things that you need to do and manage your time correctly. Paying attention to every single detail is very important for business, especially if you want to make more profits.


  • When you set goals, you are obliged to act.

You are the only one who sets those goals. No one can help you achieve everything on your list. As a result, you will make yourself accountable. When it comes to business, you need to play and work hard. Other people will know your products or services. They will get ideas from your marketing strategy and even monitor your performance, but they will never know the goals that you set. The things that you want to achieve are the keys to your success.

When starting a business, it is must to set small and bigger goals in order to become a successful entrepreneur. You need to prepare not just your business, but also yourself. Set your goals and build the future that you want.
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