Running a Business from Home: Upgrades Your Home Office Needs in 2020

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur working from home? Then you know how important comfort is for your productivity and posture. In the new year, make it your goal to upgrade your office space and make it look like a real office rather than just another room in the house.

From upgrading your old, out-of-shape office chair to improving your lighting, these little tweaks will help you make your office a better place to work.

Here are 5 easy tips on upgrading your office if you’re running a business from home.

1. Get an Ergonomic Office Chair

If you spend more than 3 hours in your office, you need an ergonomic office chair. Your back needs proper support, and most office chairs lose their shape with use.

When shopping for chairs, make sure to try them out in the store to see how they feel. Also, read online reviews or ask for recommendations as ergo chairs can be pricy. Another great option is a sitting ball that helps correct your posture and doesn’t let you slouch while you work.

2. Buy a Soft Light Desk Lamp

One of the best tips for home offices is having a good office and desk lighting. When you work in front of the computer all day, your eyes get tired and you risk getting eye strain and dry eyes.

The best solution for offices, especially if you work at night, is a soft light desk lamp. LED lamps are great for this purpose, and advanced models come with several lighting modes, no flickering, and brightness adjustment.

3. Upgrade Your Software

Working from home requires software for home businesses that need constant updates. Stay on top of the game and update all the apps and tools you’re using, and switch to paid plans wherever necessary. This way, you can automate your workflow, create pdf in c#, receive calls, and get more work done.

4. Get Quality Speakers

There are days when you want to work from a coffee shop, but can’t leave your home office. If you work better with music playing in the background, get a set of quality speakers for the office.

Opt for Bluetooth speakers so you can put them anywhere in the room, as wired speakers don’t have that much freedom of movement. You can also play cafe noise playlists that’ll give you the real coffee shop feel.

5. Footrest for Under the Desk

One of the best home business tips for people who spend a lot of time sitting is getting a footrest for under the desk. Prolonged periods of sitting can have detrimental effects on your circulation and may even cause blood clots, swelling, varicose veins, and put additional pressure on your spine and back.

You can also get an office chair with a built-in leg rest or use a piece of furniture you already own. This can be a small ottoman, a sturdy box, or a kid’s wooden chair. However, for the most comfort and benefits, get an ergonomic footrest that you can adjust to your height and comfort.

Running a Business from Home Can Be More Comfortable with These Office Upgrades!

Running a business from home may not be easy, but it’s worth it if you can stay productive and get work done despite the distractions.

Need more office and productivity tips? Check out some of the other articles we’ve written on these topics and stay tuned for the latest business news and trends.

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