Questions You Should Ask Your Leads to Make Sure That They’re Really Interested in Buying From You…

If you run your own business, then that mean that you’re going to be responsible for every aspect of running the organization. You’re not just the CEO, you’re also the manager, the marketing executive, the customer relations manager… and the workforce!
You need to wear many hats in other words and while all of these roles are important, the one that is by far the most important, is the grunt work. The most important thing you can do on a daily basis is to complete the work that clients are paying for.
That means you need to minimize the amount of time you spend discussing prices or trying to woo leads. That means you need to know how to quickly filter out the tire kickers and the time wasters and find only the leads that are serious about buying from you!
That way you can get to work, earn some cash and move on to the next project!

How to Start Filtering Process Early

This filtering process begins long before you even start talking to a potential lead. It actually begins with your advertising and your marketing.
A very easy mistake to make in this regard, is to try and make your products and services stand out and sound amazing at the cost of being realistic.
Are you a web designer who charges a fairly high price in order to work with premium customers? Or maybe you’re a solicitor who deals with specific areas of the law.
In that case, don’t claim that your prices are ‘rock bottom’ and don’t claim you can help ‘any case, big or small!’.
Instead, make it clear what you’re selling and who you’re selling too. You’re wasting your time and their time if the people who get in touch can’t afford your services or if they aren’t going to be a good fit for what you’re offering!

Questions to Ask to Filter Out the Time Wasters

This attitude should continue once you make first contact with your potential customers. It’s time to get out of the mindset that every customer is equal or that you should be incredibly grateful for every contact that you get. Instead, it’s time to start being a little more picky over who gets your business – that way, you can avoid wasting time with clients and customers that are really just flapping their gums.
Here are some questions and conversation points to consider before pursuing a client further:
Are you happy with the price?
A lot of us feel almost too polite to mention the price until the end of negotiations. This is madness and really, it makes much more sense to be as transparent and forthcoming regarding the price as possible right from the word go. Make sure that your lead knows how much you’re charging and that they are happy/able to pay that fee. If not, then there’s no point letting the conversation go any further!
What is the precise job you need doing?
Don’t talk in vague generalities – get right down to the point and ask specifically what it is that the lead needs you to do. Do they want you to complete a certain project? What’s their timeframe? In what way are they expecting you to approach the job?
Understand this early on and that way, you’ll avoid scenarios where you can’t do the job that they’re asking of you. This will also help you to know up-front what the size of the project is and whether or not it is worth your time.
When are you ready to go ahead?
Are they asking for a quote? Are they talking generally? Or are they actually ready to buy your services from you right now? Of course, you’re looking for leads that fall into that latter category. Ask them what date they are willing for you to start and make sure that this isn’t a conversation that is going to continue indefinitely into the future…
Are you able to pay up-front?
Depending on the way that you conduct your business, you may not need your customers to pay up-front. However, if you do prefer to charge up front, then make sure that the customer is willing to do that. In fact, you may even want to get their payment up-front before you spend a large amount of time discussing the project with them in-depth.
Time wasters aren’t only those clients that never actually make a purchase – just as bad are those clients that get you to spend a huge amount of time on work and then don’t pay for ages.
You wouldn’t buy a Mars Bar and expect to pay months later and it’s not okay when hiring services either. Once they’ve paid, they can spend as long as they want flapping their gums!

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