Proven Ways to Double Your Blog Traffic

If you have a blog, you probably don’t write it for yourself, your mom and a couple of best friends. You want to have readers who find your content useful, helpful, and of good quality, and you would like it to translate into sales; it’s been confirmed that businesses with a blog are more likely to make a profit. But how can you achieve that? How can you drive traffic, generate links and increase sales if no one reads what you’re writing? There are some proven ways to double your blog traffic:

1. Make Sure Your On-page SEO Is on Point

Just like in the case of diagnosing a health problem, you have to find reasons why you don’t have too much traffic on your blog. Online tools like the ones offered by Rankitor can help you find the gist of the problem, see your present rankings and identify areas where you’re doing something wrong. It’s essential to learn to do keyword research, using these keywords in the right places (headlines, the core of the articles, even image files) and finding the valuable synonyms. You can get help from a professional or find a tool that will guide you through all steps of optimizing your website.

2. Write Useful, Helpful, Share-worthy Content

It’s important to publish content regularly. It’s better to write well-thought-out, good quality posts rather than deciding to publish anything so as to have a new post more often. What’s more, write about things that people actually search for. It may be tempting to cover topics that you’re passionate about, but make sure that someone will be interested in reading — check Google searches or other trending posts. Plus, in order to appear helpful, try solving people’s problems and giving them answers to their questions. Spend more time to write a detailed step-by-step guide that will, in fact, help someone more than 500 words with some general tips. Thanks to that, you will not only do better with readers, but it will also help you to be seen better by Google algorithms.

3. Build an Email List

When you start gaining readers, it would be great to do something to keep them longer. Why shouldn’t you give them a possibility to sign up for a newsletter and stay up to date with your content? It will allow you to get to know your audience better and adjust your writing accordingly. There are many tools available online that can help you manage your blog email marketing. This will keep your readers excited about your blog.

4. Build Links

The best way to do it is the natural way of building links — you don’t want to risk too much with black hat SEO techniques. How can you do it? By getting links to your blog from other high-quality websites. Thanks to that, you will increase your domain authority which will lead to increased traffic, as you will rank higher in SERPs and improve your shareability. If you want to stay safe from Google penalties, there are a few ways to get yourself some links: guest post swaps (you write a post for another blog and they do the same for you, and you promote each other), dead links (you can find articles with dead links by using blogging tools, then you can ask the author to replace the dead link with a link to your post, providing it covers the same topic) and creating a standout resource (if you have something unique, fresh or completely new to share with the world and you put a lot of work into this piece of content, you can try reaching out to publications and other bloggers in your niche to see if they’re interested in mentioning your resource; if it really is good, they will be more than happy to help).

5. Go Beyond Your Blog

The best way to rank higher on SERPs, gain readers and increase your blog traffic is to build your online authority. In order to do that, you have to think beyond your own website. Visit forums and websites, like Quora, to share your knowledge with other users — you can, but you don’t have to include links to your posts (don’t do it too much, though). Don’t be afraid to answer people in comment sections — answer their questions and help them solve their problems not only with your content.

Another way to promote your blog is guest posting. There are many pages and blogs where you can submit your piece of content and if not, you can reach out yourself to the ones you think are popular and valuable. If you’re in a business-related niche, it’s worth going to LinkedIn as well.

Also, don’t be afraid to use outbound links, as long as they’re good quality and high authority. That way you may be able to get mentions and shares from the authors and their readers.

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