Opt-In Landing Page: 4 Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Opt-In Landing PageMany entrepreneurs are creating an opt-in landing page to generate leads. A lot of people from around the world want to create their own success in the online world, but not everyone is lucky to earn thousands or millions every year. As a business owner, you need to do everything not just to reach your target customers, but also to make a lot of sales. There are so many different methods that are proven and tested. However, the results are different from one another.
As an entrepreneur, keep in mind that online presence and digital marketing is not just for online business, but also for those who have a local store.

How to create an opt-in landing page?

When it comes to creating a landing page, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the action that you want your target customers to do when they visit the page. In order for them to make activities on the landing page, you need to give them something in return.  You need to make sure that it is unique, interesting and very helpful.

A simple landing page is much better than a very complicated design. In fact, it gives a much higher conversion rate because many online users are too lazy to do so many tasks before they can get what you offer.

You can ask them to fill up a simple form like email, name and last name before they can watch a video, get an eBook and much more.

Here are the 4 tips that will help you create a professional opt-in landing page with a higher conversion rate.

  • Remove unnecessary things.

This is one of the keys for a successful landing page. You need to remove all the unnecessary things or distractions. Adding too much design will never help you get leads that you can convert into sales. As a business owner, you might want to make sure that the headline stands out from anything else inside the landing page.

You need to keep in mind that a landing page is different from the pages of your website, so make it simple. You can be creative, but you need to make some limitation.

  • Create a video or offer anything.

You need to give them something valuable, so they can’t say no to your offer. For every landing page that you create for your business, you need to prepare a video, an eBook or anything that can help them and solve their problem. Of course, you can’t copy anything from the web.

You need to make sure that your lead magnet is unique, so your landing page will give you a higher conversion rate and you can get more leads.

  • Create a simple form.

For every landing page that you are going to create for your business, you need to make sure that it has a form. Of course, you need to be careful because it can send your target customers away without making any actions.

When creating a form, you need to make it simple. You can ask them for their email, name and last name. Don’t ask for too much information like phone number and address. It won’t help you get leads.

  • Include a call to action.

This is a must for you to make, creating or including a call to action will improve the conversion rate of your landing page. It will guide the online users and help them make actions. If you need some inspiration or ideas, you can surf the web, but don’t copy anything.

As a business owner, you need to keep in mind that a call to action is very important. In fact, it played a vital role in every landing page.

  • Use three colors.

When creating an opt-in landing page, you might want to use three colors for the text and design. For example, you will use white, red and black. You can use anything, but make sure it is not more than three.

Creating a landing page is easy, but making a professional design is difficult. You need to check every single detail just to make sure everything is perfect.

If you are not happy with your current landing page, don’t be afraid to make some changes. If you’re new in the online world, make sure to follow these tips so you will get more leads.
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