Hempworx CBD Oil Review

Hempworx CBD Oil is a top-rated product in the CBD Industry. Find out if it can truly live up to its claims in this review.

With all the attention CBD products are getting these days, it’s becoming harder and harder to pick brands that are true to their claims. And since CBD products are mainly used for health reasons, you can’t settle for anything less than the best.

If you are thinking of trying out Hempworx CBD oil, then this review is for you.

About The Brand

HempWorx is a brand that stands out for working entirely within the country. Every single ingredient they use to create Hempworx CBD oil and the rest of their products are from the US.

Even the tests to ensure the quality of their products is performed in the country. This is one way to guarantee that they won’t have to rely on another country to deliver their products or answer their customers.

Hempworx CBD Product Highlights

HempWorks has a good range of products for both starters and those looking for more options. To give you a glimpse of what they have to offer, below is an overview of their products.

Hempworx Hemp Oil

Hempworx Hemp Oil

Like most CBD companies, one of Hempworx best sellers is its CBD oil which is available in 3 different flavors. It’s a full-spectrum oil which basically means that you’ll get the full range of the plant’s cannabinoids.

As for strength, you have 2 options. There’s the 500mg bottle and the 750mg bottle which contains 30ml of oil.

The Hempworx 500 has about 10mg of CBD in one dose. Hempworx 750, on the other hand, has 15mg per dose.

These oils have trace amounts of THC to allow users to experience their “entourage effect”. If you are worried about the THC showing up in routine screenings, you can choose to buy the THC-free version.

Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee

Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee

Hempworx is one of the few brands that offer hemp-infused coffee. Made with natural ingredients, their version in non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

The coffee actually tastes good as it has Arabica beans. Compared with other beans, the Arabica beans tend to have a softer and sweeter taste.

As for its CBD content, each cup of coffee has about 5mg of CBD. It has no THC. 

Hempworx CBD Keto Coffee Creamers

Hempworx CBD Keto Coffee Creamers

The creamers contain just about the same amount of CBD as the coffee. You can get them in 3 different flavors- mocha, hazelnut, and vanilla.

What’s nice about these creamers is that they are sugar-free. If you have elevated blood sugar levels, they make an excellent choice for you.

Similar to the coffee, the creamers are also THC-free. They are also non-GMO and vegan-friendly.

Hempworx CBD Topical Creams

Hempworx CBD Topical Creams

Now, let’s talk about Hempworx’s interesting CBD creams.

To start, there are 3 different varieties and they have specific applications.

Relief is a good choice for people suffering from painful and sore joints. Containing 50mg of active cannabidiol, it can help relax and soothe muscles, too.

Apart from that, the cream also has emu oil. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this oil is actually quite effective in helping wounds heal faster, relieving minor discomfort and aches, and protecting the skin from elements.

Emu oil also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This is one good reason why it’s often used as a massage oil for arthritis.

Renew, on the other hand, is an anti-aging cream. It’s supposed to help make the skin look younger, tighter, and more glowing.

This cream has a good amount of apple stem cells which help protect the human skin cells. They can also help decrease wrinkles.

Now, how’s that possible?

Apple stem cells can maximize your skin cell’s longevity and vitality. They have a unique way of activating the regeneration of your own skin stem cells to reverse environmental damage and halt the effects of aging.

Sounds promising, right?

Then, there’s the Revive cream.

While the Renew cream has apple stem cells, this one has collagen retinol. Its main purpose is to enhance the appearance and tone of your skin.

Its blend of ingredients effectively hydrates and moisturizes the skin. In effect, it’s able to make your fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

The Pros

Kentucky-sourced hemp

Kentucky hemp farms produce some of the highest quality CBD oil and CBD products in the country. Hempworx happens to be one of the few brands that have an agreement with them.

Wholesale pricing

If you are running a retail store or dispensary, you’ll find Hempworx prices bulk deals quite impressive. The company also have lots of stocks available so you won’t have to make your customers wait a long time just to get their products.

CO2 extraction

Using high-quality hemp materials from Kentucky farms, Hempworx also uses CO2 extraction to process their CBD products. It’s considered one of the safest and best ways to produce pure and potent CBD oils.

Comprehensive lab results

Hempworx is quite transparent with the results of their products’ tests. From the results of their gas chromatography tests to the certificates of analysis and antimicrobial test data and potency tests, you can find everything you need to know about their products on their website.

Unique CBD products

Apart from the oils, Hempworx also offers unique CBD products. It has CBD infused coffee and coffee creamer for those who can’t go through their day without their daily dose of caffeine.

It also has an anti-aging cream and a pain relief rub which are both quite effective.

Opportunity to earn

The company gives you the chance to earn profits from selling the products or get commissions from your downlines’ sales. You can also earn bonuses if you reach a certain quota.

Now, while the idea sounds tempting, it’s not an easy way to earn money. There are tons of factors that can affect your potential to earn, such as the uncertainty of the CBD industry and the lack of clarity of the laws affecting it.

Plus, if selling isn’t your thing, you may have a hard time making this work. There are doubts about MLM and pyramid schemes so you’ll have to prove the authenticity of the program to those people who are wondering if Hempworx is legit.

The Cons


Where to buy Hempworx products?

For your safety, skip online selling platforms like Amazon and purchase directly from them. They have a website you can check out,

Creating an account with the company gives you the chance to earn a commission from referring the products to others. However, you’ll need to pay a $20 activation fee.

Dosing guidelines

Hempworx provides dosing guidelines for its customer which are specific to the conditions they aim to address. While it sounds good, the problem is that CBD isn’t a completely approved FDA- medication (apart from treating specific forms of epilepsy).

Plus, they aren’t healthcare providers to do that.

If you’re new to using CBD products, know that the best dose will be up to you. Although you can seek the guidance of your doctor, it will still be your body that’ll determine the correct dose for you.

For your safety and to get the results you’re after, it’s best to start low and just increase your dose as you find it necessary. 

About Hempworx CBD Customer Service

There are a handful of ways to reach Hempworx and they are all posted on their site. Simply scroll down to the bottom of their page and you’ll see their email address, mailing address, and contact numbers for their offices in the US, Canada, and UK.

As for their website, it’s pretty easy to navigate through. There a separate section that discusses CBD and its history and there’s another section for the products.

Creating an account is quite easy as well since there aren’t tons of information required for signing up.

Final Thoughts

Hempworx is one of the best CBD brands to look into if you’re looking for high-quality CBD products. Its CBD oil and creams are processed and produced to address a wide range of health issues. 

There are tons of Hempworx testimonials that show how effective the products are for addressing minor health issues. Now, if you deal with more serious health issues or if your symptoms are moderate to severe, you may be better off with other brands and products.

The brand also offers a way for its consumers to earn which is good if you’re planning on starting a home-based business. However, just like any business, you need to do your research first before considering it as your primary source of income.

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