Effective Marketing Tips For Your Business: How To Utilize The Power Of Attraction Marketing


Attraction marketing is considered as one of the most influential and powerful ways to promote your business. It is an effective strategy to engage and reach more promising clients. Many business owners don’t understand and keep neglecting this critical aspect of marketing. The process of attracting future clients or attracting an audience can be more valuable in a long term basis than the hard-selling approach.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

It is the way of making yourself noticeable in the general market by being a leader with value and by giving first before you take something like planting a seed, plowing the soil and watering it before it bears fruit. This kind of strategy is used in different kinds of industry. For example, you own a construction supply store, you can schedule a weekend D.I.Y. seminars or even sending some basic constructing guides through customers’ emails. It can attract numerous potential customers along with building a strong relationship between you and your clients. By giving them some ideas for their future builds and projects, it gives you the leverage that the clients will get the supply on your store. That’s how attraction marketing works.
Have you ever encountered a free taste booth in the mall or some free perfumes and colognes? It is another kind of attraction marketing, giving you something to make you curious and wonder on that specific product or brand. That is how attraction marketing helps you build your business. It can also be applied on the modern day trend such as social media. You can do Facebook live or posting some blogs and doing video tutorials. By giving something free to others it will give you a chance to convert it into sales.

Here Are The 5 Tips For Attraction Marketing:

1. Knowing Your Target Clients

You need to list down your potential clients and build a profile for each one. It’s very important to know their pains, struggles, fears, dreams and desires. By using each one of those emotions you can create a trigger point that you can use for your sales pitch or content. Grabbing the attention of your targeted audience and keeping it more engaging is necessary.  The longer you keep your clients engage the bigger the chance of a possible sale.

2. Building A Rapport

It is one of the main goals of attraction marketing, building a strong relationship between your customers. Making them think of you as a trustworthy adviser, not just an ordinary businessman who only wants to make a sale. Therefore, you will be making more frequent sales without having the trouble of explaining and convincing them because they trust you.

3.  Compelling Message

One of the most important factors is how well you deliver your content or message. It must be compelling to your audience. It should be the same as what your clients are thinking. Having your client profile, you can build up the conversation by tapping on their emotions such as their pains, struggles and desires.

Construct a headline that gives a big promise, such as “How to build your dream house without spending too much” or “How to lose weight without going to a gym”. Doing this will make your clients interested and compelled on your advice.

4. Pick Your Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be your marketing channels for advertising and meeting possible clients. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, you need to build an online presence. Most likely you will have more than one social media platform, giving you the ability to reach thousands or millions of people around the globe. However, you should keep in mind that you need to choose a channel that you are comfortable and easy to manage.

In case you are new to online marketing, it’s very important for you to create a Facebook page for your business and be active online. Your social media posts must be interesting and related to your business. You can also run ads to increase your sales.

5. Carry Out And Take Action

This is one of the crucial steps of your attraction marketing strategy. Keep in mind that it is not only the sales and the number of clients you’ve signed define you as a marketer. Think of yourself as a consultant or a coach that gives your targeted audience honest and truthful advice.  Become a solution provider and all the good things will just come into your business.

Don’t make the same mistake as the most people do, you should understand that the sea of people online is a gold mine for your marketing strategy. If you can get in touch with them with your sales message, then you’ll probably get some of them. By just sending your message will get you more people and more sales. Yet, if you get a more loyal clients that are actually interested in your business because they trust you and you’ve built a strong relationship, it will give you a much bigger chance of sales and gaining a long term client.

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