Earning a Million Dollars Online!

Is it possible for you to earn a million dollars in a few years or less online?

Absolutely and here’s why and how:

As a PNG Independent Business Owner, you have the rights once purchased  to resell any of our five Business Platforms (see below):

To earn a million in four years for example, all you need to do is average $20,834/month or around 5K/week which would be $260K/year and there’s a cool million dollars in four years – and that’s working a 10 hour a week business model from home or anywhere you may be in the world –  a totally portable business!

Does your current job have that potential? I’ll bet not…!  It’s exciting being a business owner knowing your business has this potential – no more Monday morning blues for sure – pure adrenaline!

Now how can you earn 5 K/week you’re thinking with the Prosperity Nexus Group?

Take a look at these income projections below:

If you owned the VIP Business which includes all 5 business Platforms, you’d  earn 100% commissions reselling any of the five platforms! So for example if you averaged two $6500 Advanced Platform Sales/month that would put you well on your way as that comes out to$156K/year! Three Advanced Sales/month and you’re over 300K! As you can see above, there are many variations that can take you to a quarter mil a year and more thus achieving a mil in a few years is very possible… in fact, it’s  possible in one!

But I can’t  afford the 22K VIP Business Platform!

No worries as

     a) there are “buy now” bonus incentives  that can save you 46% to 70% on your start up investment  

     b) you can always start at one of our basic business platforms, earn some income and eventually upgrade to the VIP Level which is what I did   

So what are you waiting for? Contact me HERE ASAP and we can set you up with this awesome business and get started…

Your future self millionaire awaits your arrival!

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