Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?
One of the first things you need as a entrepreneur is to have a real vision of what it is you want to accomplish in the long term. This should be a minimum 3 – 5 year goal. If you are just here to make a quick buck or to quit your job you need to think deeper. Here are items to get you started working away from a wantreprenuer to a real entrepreneur.
Set a Goal: What is your 3-5 year plan?
Set up what action items you need to get to that goal?
Set up time for you to work on those action items. I use a 90 day business plan with specific goals to get to each week and make myself accountable for completing those action items. I am also meet with other entrepreneurs and we hold each other accountable for actions to get completed.
The easiest way to to get started is not to wait for the best program YOU THINK works. Or that someone else loves and wants to get you in on. This is your baby. Look for a company that offers a great product or program to its customers LIKE YOU. I recommend you become an affiliate that way you can “Earn while you Learn”. Be sure to research the company executives past to be sure they are credible. I always ask them to email me their marketing plan on how to make my first $1,000. If the company does not have one then how can they stay afloat.
If you are looking at a franchise be careful to not place all your hard earned $ all into it. You need a lot of Marketing $ to get new customers and with out a decent marketing budget you are setting yourself up for failure.
Find a Niche. What are you passionate about? Will you feel good being a business owner representing that product or service. Can you Tell your family and friends and feel good about them becoming customers.
If not move on.
The number one item is MAKE A DECISION. A n entrepreneur only needs 20-35% of the information in order to make a decision. Once you have made that decision then you work to MAKE IT RIGHT.
Do not worry if you fail at first. Most companies fail. Most successful entrepreneurs have more failures that successes. So keep focus and learn from your mistakes. Fail Forward.
Now as I stated on my event post for this Facebook Live I have a proven way that myself and many others have used to earn their first $1,000 from the comfort of their home with just the use of a computer and internet. If you would like to see just how we all do it then you need to comment below “I AM ALL IN” and I will reach out to you with the info.
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