About Me


Hi, I Am Lars Persson

I have been blessed with the passion to work hard and to set goals and reach them. I have worked in the corporate environment and witnessed the ups and downs of corporate life.

I finally realized there is no future in working just to make others rich. A short time ago I decided to team up with a group of other “like-minded” online entrepreneurs to create a business for myself and for anyone willing to learn and work to reach their goals

I invite you to Connect With Me and learn how to start working for yourself from the comfort of your home towards financial freedom.

The time is NOW to take control of your life and spend your time with those you love vs those who will never have your best interests at heart.

More about me

Leaving sunny Canyon Country California in the 1980’s and moving into a small farm town, I felt a lot like the movie Foot Loose. I had to adjust quickly and make friends. I loved sports and made many friends over the 3 few years in Auburn Washington.

I always had the passion to get back to Southern California, so one year after I graduated I moved to Huntington Beach, CA.

Working in the hospitality industry I learned a lot from our business clientele. Mainly I wanted to be in their shoes checking into the hotel not being the one servicing them. I also soon learned California was expensive and had to take a second job to make ends meet.

I got tired of that fast, and luckily found a job with a local printing company where I migrated from customer service to sales and never looked back. I was doing well and as a 25 year old sales person, new car, rented a home on my own and learned a lot from that company.

Unfortunately that company was sold and I was left looking for work again. I moved into telecommunications for a brief spell reselling AT&T business services. When that company closed I moved into Technical Education with Ingram Micro. I did well there but they laid off our entire department.

I went to Page Net – the world’s largest paging company and set many sale records until the GM said they had to cap my commissions! What? I quit them and said no more!

I went and worked for a small Internet Web Design company that paid horribly but I wanted to get into that space. It was new and exciting. This was in 1997 & no one even heard of the internet. Luckily I reached back to some friends I worked with from the AT&T days and we all decided to start our own company. We eventually decided to go public and our IPO was scheduled for fall, 2000. We missed going out then and with the .com bubble bursting the next year that dream of being a big Internet company was swashed. I was not done.

I hired programmers to build a search engine and we went live late in 2001 & then went to build software to manage pay per click advertising in yahoo, msn & eventually google. That company was a success and we did very well.

Unfortunately my wife divorced me in 2006 or I might be running that company today. I took some time off to think what I wanted to do and moved into the Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Arena where I am now.

I love helping others build successful home businesses with the tools and mindset to be the best CEO of YOU, Inc.

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