8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing…

As a long time business owner and mentor, people often ask me, “Lars why is it you are always calm, laid back and seem to have nothing bothering you?” I ask them is something bother you? That’s when I listen. I never give out advice but sometimes it’s just good to listen and let them air it out.


Once they are done most feel so relieved that they had some one that listened and didn’t just tell them, “Oh it’s ok you will get through it.” I then tell them that I have had many downturns in life, business, relationships but I just choose to not let them affect how I feel on the outside.


“Things that are out of your control should never control you!”


Success comes in many ways to each of us and allot of times we take success for granted and only worry about the bad times. Most of the time when I mention this they actually come up with their own way to fix what ever issue was bothering them.


Now I am not a phycologist, but I have read many self help books and so when I am in a rut I turn to them to lift me up or I contact someone that I can vent to. We all need people to talk to on our level. Meaning, I would never talk to a woman about a relationship problem, or a single person about a marriage issue.


If we keep focusing our time on the things you cannot fix your productivity goes down, you start to loose you clarity and more bad things happen. Work on these 8 things to help you stay productive and out of that rut.


1. Always Stay Productive.

This new social media is sometimes a PLAGUE. Do not get sucked into a news feed or feel that you have to respond to a friend or colleges tweet or FB post. Use Social media like we used to channel surf. If you want to waste time to relax in the evenings that’s fine but never get waist your productive time scrolling through pictures on Instagram, Pinterest or reading updates on Twitter. Everyone else does that and make them LESS PRODUCTIVE. The best thing to do is ask yourself, “If I do this will it make me more productive?” 99% of the time it’s a NO! Make social media a reward for when you are productive.

2. Always go through the day with a plan.

What is your DMO? (Daily Method Of Operation?) To be successful you must have a goal and a plan for that goal daily. Do not get sidetracked from others and keep your blinders on and stay LAZER focused on that DMO. I typically write my goals down at the end of my business day for the next day. That way I can go home, rest and enjoy my family but understanding that I have tomorrows game plan ready! You also need to prioritize them and break them down to how much time it will take and when you will complete them. Once done, rejoice and go to the next one. Do not get stuck putting out fires over and over again. Prioritize them also and work on delegating a person to put them out.

3. Never get emotional in any activity.

To be a success in life you need to sometimes burn your boats. Productive people sometimes piss others off because they think your showing off or trying to over work yourself. Never let someone else control your productivity. When you are successful you will attract more successful people. Those other people will just pull you down in the long run. Never feel obligated to help someone unless you see it as a positive outcome for you both. Also never answer a questions without thinking about the outcome of that answer. We all have a need to help others, but many out there need to help themselves. We all have what it takes to succeed, but not many take the action necessary to do so.

4. Successful people ignore what they can’t control.

If you have an obstacle in your way thing first how did this happen and what can I do to fix it. If you can’t find a solution in a short time then brush it off and move on to being productive once again. It is very hard to ignore that THING but if you can’t fix it then it is out of your control, so move on.

5. Successful people stay away from all negative people.

Sometime this can be hard. Especially with family. I know I have a brother that has many opinions on many things but I keep our relationship to where we get along and understand each other. The saying goes it takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. The best way to remove the negative is surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is toxic, but most negative people after being with positive people remove themselves. They do not even know they are doing it allot of times. They want to pull you into thier Drama, issues or with is mostly in their head. Never try and fix them they need to fix themselves.

6. Being Successful means you will make many mistakes.

No One is perfect and if you think someone is its a LIE or they just haven’t tried to better themselves personally or financialy. Everyone makes mistakes. The key to being successful in life is not making the same mistake twice, learning and growing from mistakes, and becoming a better person because of them.
So when you make a mistake or fail, get into a mindset that thats a new lesson learned for the future.

7. Successful focus on themselves not others.

Its is great to earn from other successful people, but do not get caught trying to become them. Be inspired by others, but focus your mindset to only compete with the most important person: yourself.

8. Successful people don’t put themselves last in priority.

We all go through times that we don’t get enough sleep or exercise because of limited time. To be Successful in the long term you need to always work on yourself first. Mindset is sometime more important than hard work or even skill. Make sure to start you day doing what you want, like reading, workout, listen to music. Start the day off on your terms.


When you start off your day doing something you love and that is good for you, you’ll feel happy, focused and strong the rest of the day.
Successfully Yours,
Lars Persson
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