10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Do (Twice)

  • Waist Time On Non Income Generating Activities. 
    • Twitter Posts
    • Instagram Posts
    • Facebook Feed
    • New Feeds
    • Drama
  • Jump to the next Shinny Object. AKA following the heard. 
    • They are leaders not followers. 
    • Never get caught up in the hype. 
    • Look at the opportunity in can I duplicate that? Is it real? 
    • Pro’s vs Cons analogy. 
  • Constantly Inventing Worthless Stuff. 
    • You need to find a need and then a solution, not an invention. 
    • Ignore the Pet Rock, Sham WOW, infomercial concepts. 
    • Work on items that use your skills not weaknesses. 
  • Stop Listening to the Na Sayers. 
    • Most people are UN HAPPY
    • Most will not make the change they need. 
    • Teachers Teach because they can’t Lead
    • Help only those that appreciate your time. 
  • Value your time always. 
    • One thing you never get back 
    • set time limits on your activities
    • Schedule yourself
    • Stick to it, if you miss a goal re set yourself.
  • Follow a Plan
    • Set A goal 90 days MIN. 
    • Update ass you go. 
    • Reset after 90 days. 
  • Lead by example. 
    • Learn what you need to know & Hire experts. 
    • Be a BOSS. Own It. 
    • Take full ownership of failure. 
  • Have a strong family backing. 
    • Include them when you can
    • Spend your time with them as often as possible. 
    • Let them know your doing this for them and the future. 
  • Remove the Viruses in your life. 
    • Long time friends that are draining you. 
    • What is killing you MOJO? 
    • Who stresses you out? 
  • Celebrate small victories. 
    • Let everyone in on what you accomplished. (even if they don’t care)
    • No positive deed goes un rewarded. 
    • Share what you learn to help other grow in thier lives. 
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